Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Version depends of the event

Game: 1989 Nintendo Tetris (not Tengen!)

Competitors are allowed to use the standard original unmodified NES controllers. Clone controllers are permitted as long as they accurately reflect the original design of the NES controller (i.e. d-pad and no turbo buttons).

Qualification period

  • The qualifications take place on a designated number of NES stands. At the end of the qualification period there will be a signal indicating the last attempt. Any player whose game is ongoing in the moment of the signal may play the game out.
  • Players can make as many attempts as they want, restricted only by number of stands and time spent in the queue.
    • Player may rent one of the rental stations. Using a rental station allows theplayer for one hour of uninterrupted play, but forbids the player from taking part in standard qualification system anymore.
  • Attempts can only be made in the A-Type gamemode, starting on level 9 or higher.
  • After ending an attempt for whatever reason, a player must make sure that their score is listed by the tournament staff, and make room for the next player in queue, unless there is no queue.
  • The highest score achieved by each player during the qualification period will be used for seeding in the single-elimination bracket.


Matches in the final bracket are played live, according to the order in the bracket.

  • Each match consists of no more than 5 games (best of 5). A player who wins 3 games advances to the next round.
  • Players start each game on the same level (9 or higher). Available starting levels are dependent on both players’ PBs.
  • Players start a game on a signal from the judge. The judge also resolves any potential conflicts.
  • A player with the higher score wins the round. If one player tops out and the other one already has a higher score, the round ends. If the other player doesn’t have a higher score yet, the round continues until they top out or beat their opponent’s final score.
  • If a player pauses the game or causes the equipment issue, they lose the round. If the equipment issue happens for reasons beyond the player’s control and the difference between players is less than 200,000 points, the round is replayed.

Final standings

The final standings will be determined based on:

  • the round a player was knocked out in
  • the number of games won in the lost match
  • the sum of losing scores in the lost match
  • seeding in the bracket

The final standings and the match results will be published.